How Ross of ‘Friends’ Got Over His Neurotic Behavior to Find the Happiness He Always Wanted

As part of their ongoing series of deconstructing the personalities of the characters on the now-classic sitcom series Friends, film and television analysis platform ScreenPrism set their sights on Ross Geller. Ross started out in the series as a neurotic idealist who always felt the need to be right, even at the cost of his own happiness. Yet as the series progressed, Ross found that he had to grow up a little if he truly wanted to realize his dream of settling with the love of his life.

Looking back we noticed that Ross is troubled by a number of problems underneath his stable surface. At times to an outside observer he might appear totally neurotic and unhinged. Ross’s anxiety comes from being a romantic idealist who wants so desperately to settle down and start a happy family…he’s finally learned to be less rigid and deal with life’s curveballs instead of just feeling sorry for himself when he reunites with Rachel and the series finale.