Colorful Posters With Iconic Rock Albums of Different Genres Reimagined as Oversized Postage Stamps

Stamp Album Psychedelic The Byrds

Dorothy has released a series of detailed posters with iconic rock albums reimagined as colorful, oversized postage stamps. The posters come in four different music genres; psychedelic, post-punk, post-rock and electronic. Each genre also has a coordinating Spotify playlist.

Each stamp features a graphic inspired by the album (or tracks on the album), the date of release, the label it was released and its running time. Follow our carefully curated Playlist on Spotify which includes 84 of our favourite tracks from the 42 albums featured on the print.

The prints are available for purchase individually or as discounted special offer bundled packages.

Stamp Album Psychedelic 13th Floor Elevators

Stamp Album Psychedelia

Stamp Albums Post Punk Talking Heads

Stamp Albums Post Punk in Frame

Stamp Albums Post Punk Television

Stamp Albums Post Rock in Frame

Stamp Albums Electronic The Chemical Brothers

Stamp Album Electronic in Frame

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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