Robodock Fundraiser


A fundraiser that is not for Burning Man, in July? Impossible! It’s true, SEEMEN and The Flaming Lotus Girls are headed to Amsterdam this September for Robodock, an art and technology festival, and they need to raise some serious cash to get there. To make this happen, QBOX is producing “A Fundraiser for Not Burning Man” this Saturday, July 23rd at CELLspace in San Francisco, from 7pm to 2am.

The Flaming Lotii and The Seemen have been invited to participate in the Robodock festival in Amsterdam. Robodock is a brain-tweaking display of art, theater, and technology that will of course blossom and benefit from a long-needed injection of Flaming Lotusness and (ahem) Seemen.

To do this properly, however, we must first have a debaucherous night of art, celebration, HOT FLG’s, machine art, noise performance and countless other amusements designed to instruct, delight and debilitate. Let us entertain you as we part you from your cold, hard-earned cash, the better for us to afford lipstick, fuel, and a seaworthy shipping container.

Wear your finest flame-retardant formal wear and rip-proof ball gowns and come prepared to dance (or twitch arrhythmically) to the soothing strains of our favorite noise bands and the relaxing din of stunning mechanical, kinetic and electronic art that we have brought from the four corners of the bay area for the edification of you, the discerning Qbox sycophant.

There will be prizes, opportunities, a gallery of extravaganzas available for purchase, mysterious surprises and all sorts of other things to hold your interest while our crack Qbox staff lovingly plumb the depths of your wallet.