A Seemingly Innocent Stretch of River With a Violent Undercurrent That’s Deadly to Anyone Who Falls In

In a tidal episode Amazing Places, host Tom Scott explains why a seemingly innocent stretch of water is so incredibly deadly. Known as The Strid, this body of water is actually a very narrow part of the River Wharfe in Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire. The river is made up of rapids and waterfalls and the narrow areas compress this rushing motion for a violent undercurrent.

The Strid is also dangerous because there are no banks. Instead, the water pushed its way through the rocks leaving slippery overhangs in its midst. Scott admitted that he didn’t want to get close to the edge for fear of falling in.

I’d try and put a camera in, but then I’d have to get close to the edge. And the edge isn’t sharp, it just curves towards the water and it’s covered in slippery moss. Besides, the water is opaque and brown with peat stain, you’d see nothing. That’s why it’s so dangerous. It looks safe, it looks tempting, and it’ll kill you.