A Determined Young Man Rides His Unicycle 3,400 Miles Across China Over the Course of Six Months

A very determined 21 year old British man named Ed Pratt, who began an amazing worldwide trek upon his unicycle in 2015, very admirably took on the challenge of riding his cycle 3,400 miles across China to raise money for the School in a Bag organization. This incredible trip concluded almost six months after he started. He started his trek in January 8, 2017, by way of Kyrgyzstan. Throughout the six months, Pratt very thoughtfully documented the trip, the people he met and the sights that he saw. He concluded his ride on July 5, 2017

Ed Unicycles China [Ep. 29 – The Final Episode] So that’s it. In this one I reach the Vietnam border and finally complete my 3403miles, 6 month crossing of China. I really hope that you enjoyed watching these videos. They took a ridiculously long time to edit and release, but if they help inspire you to head out into the world and explore then I feel that my hard work, on the unicycle AND in front of my computer, was well worth it!

via The Awesomer