Why Rick of ‘Rick and Morty’ Struggles to Understand the World’s Distaste for Highly Intelligent People

Rick and Morty The World Hates Smart People

Debra Minoff and Susannah McCullough of The Take take a detailed look at how Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty sees the world and his struggle to understand the world’s distaste for highly intelligent people like himself.

Yet, at the same time, he sees himself as superior to those around him due to his extreme intellect. His blunt manner and nihilistic views make him appear unfeeling and callous in a constant battle between good and evil. Yet despite his pronouncements of infinite insignificance, Rick really does love his family.

..When it comes to deep general intelligence, cosmic perspective and wisdom, rigorous honesty and complex insight into the nature of reality Rick and Morty suggests these things are not rewarded in our society instead thinking too much is a liability that leads to emotional suffering. …what is done from love always takes place beyond good and evil and while there may be a lot of disagreement around the concepts of good and evil even Rick can’t deny that love makes his world turn however irrational that may be.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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