Ribbonesia, Beautiful Animal-Shaped Ribbon Sculptures & Accessories

Ribbonesia is an ongoing art project that started in 2008 by Japanese artist and illustrator ‘BAKU’ Maeda where he uses ribbons to create beautiful animal-shaped sculptures for display or gift packaging. Ribbonesia Adornments are his line of wearable ribbon accessories available from Japanese online retailer Sakumotto.

As an artist, ‘BAKU’ has been using brush and pen as extension of his hands and imagination.

Last couple of years, he found more interest in the way of expression in 3 dimensional and sculptural way by using ribbon and other fabric materials…

every animals are delicately made by hands. colors are carefully chosen. so, none of the animals are the same. They are all different and special.

Far from regular wrapping usage, ‘BAKU’ made his own world, “the world of Ribbonesia” with full of life and joy.

via Super Punch and the carrotbox

images via Ribbonesia and Spoon & Tomago

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff