Retro American Christmas Devil Greeting Cards

Animator and comic book artist Bradwick J. McGinty III has weaved quite the tale about his “grandfather’s terrible misfortune in the greeting card industry of the 1950’s” on his site, Paper Pusher, in order to sell some of his wickedly funny greeting cards that feature an “American Christmas Devil”.

A few years after my Grandfather returned from the war he decided to start a greeting card company. Armed with one terrible idea and no artistic ability whatsoever, he turned to someone he had met during the war for help, a young Japanese solider he had shot in the face named Haruo. My grandfather spoke no Japanese, and Haruo spoke no English, so how they actually got together is beyond me or anyone else in my family. The idea involved creating American-style greeting cards for both the Japanese and the American markets. It also required Haruo to create all the artwork and handle all of the printing. My grandfather would simply mail Haruo photos of what he wanted, and Haruo would see to the rest…

No one in the family had ever seen any of the cards that were produced. It was thought that my grandfather set fire to all of the cards (and the boat) the moment they arrived in the states. That is, until my mom stumbled upon this ammo case in the attic…

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images via Paper Pusher

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff