An Adorable Tour of a Retirement Village for Senior Cats That Features Tiny Cottages Where the Cats Hang Out

Shropshire Cat Rescue gave an adorably informative tour of their wonderful retirement village for senior rescued cats. The village is made up of cottages with low colorful roofs that house the feline residents and wide paths that allow them to exercise and/or socialize as much or as little as they like. Many of the cats have come to the retirement village after their humans could no longer look after them.

The residents mostly come into us following their owners have gone into care homes, passed away or no longer able to look after them. On arrival they are assessed by the vet to ensure they receive treatment and medication needed.

Donations can be made through their website or through the Just Giving platform.

… due to the sheer nature of the Retirement Village being for cats in their senior and super senior years they have an increased need for veterinary treatment due to age related illnesses.