Retired Florida Couple Transforms Their Home Into a Sanctuary for Older Cats With Nowhere Else to Go

Cat’s Cradle” by filmmaker Jonathan Napolitano is a beautiful, short documentary about Bruce and Terry Jenkins, a retired couple who have turned their Lutz, Florida home into a safe refuge for older, abandoned cats who have nowhere else to go. These big-hearted people ensure that every cat that comes to them get the care, stimulation, sanctuary and love that they need right up until the end of their lives.

For us it’s kind of a big family and this gives me an opportunity to be with more cats than I could possibly ever have imagined. And I love all their personalities just the way you love the personalities of different people. ..many times when these cats come, they come with different neuroses that they’ve developed where they were before. Maybe because they were threatened by dogs or whatever it might be. It’s very gratifying to see the transition from what they were when they came to what they become. It’s like they bloom. they really get to be what they’re meant to be and that that is that is a fabulous feeling to see that happen.

via The Atlantic