Two Rescued Tortie Kittens Join the Growing Feline Family of the Lovable Cat Duo Cole and Marmalade

Jugg and Zig Zag Tortie Kittens Cole Marmalade

The amazingly lovable feline duo of Cole and Marmalade has doubled in size with the addition of Jugg and Zig Zag, two tiny tortie kittens rescued separately from each other.

People have always told us that Cole and Marmalade needed a sister… well we disagree, we decided they need TWO! We’re excited to announce that JUGG and ZIG ZAG will be joining our family, now Jess will have more girl power (and Tortitude) in the house.

Jazz was rescued from an RV park with her two littermates (since adopted), while Zig Zag was rescued from under a car on a very busy Tampa, Florida street. The kitten had made her way under the car after Jen Leon from Big Cat Rescue spotted her in the middle of the road and stopped to help.

…Chris was able to reach the little girl quickly and safely pull her from the precarious position. With a quick check to confirm she was not visually injured in any way, they got her into the carrier and everyone moved to a safer place off the busy highway.

While Zig Zag wasn’t injured, she did have ringworm, which is a highly contagious fungal condition. To be safe, their humans Chris and Jess kept her out on the porch until the fungus was eradicated. Zig Zag had no qualms about having a safe outdoor space to herself as Marmalade watched enviously through the window from inside the house.

Marm Watching Zig Zag Kitten Through Window