Rescued Baby Foxes Meet Adult Foxes for First Time

The wonderful people at SaveAFox Rescue rescued a number of fox cubs from a fur farm and introduced some of them to the vulpine adults living at the sanctuary. Many of the pups had never seen the outside of a cage before.

Rescued fox pup experiences freedom for the first time

Some of the pups will be staying at the farm, while others are going to other fox-specific rescues, such as Clevyr Creatures Fox Sanctuary in Oklahoma, Foxes Journey Sanctuary in Michigan, and Pawsitive Beginnings Inc in Key Largo, Florida.

Rescued Fox Pup Meets Adults

Adult foxes Floofala and Serafina were excited to play with the baby foxes, while the curmudgeonly Finnegan fox lost interest after a while.

Finnegan Fox is soo over fox pups