Redneck Boot Sandals, A Handy Service That Turns Worn Out Cowboy Boots Into Unique Sandals


Redneck Boot Sandals is a unique service that reconstructs old cowboy boots into a curious open-toed hybrid of two radically different shoe styles that don’t usually go together. The idea was born out of a beachside experience.

One sunny afternoon, Scotty Franklin, owner and CEO, was lounging on white sand beaches of Gulf Shores Alabama and saw a guy walking down the beach in cowboy boots. Scotty thought the poor fellow shouldn’t have to sacrifice cowboy fashion in order to stay cool on this hot day and looked down at his own feet and saw his flip flops and wondered if he could cut out his boots and make them into flip flops for the ultimate combination. When he got home, he cut out his boots into flip flops and wore them out. ..To this day, Scotty can’t keep a pair of Redneck Boot Sandals without someone buying them right off his feet.

Flip Flop





Double Strapper

images via Redneck Boot Sandals

via Dangerous Minds