Reddit Launches Redditmade, A New Crowdfunding Platform With a Focus on Privacy and Community


reddit has launched a new crowdfunding platform called redditmade that focuses on privacy and building community around subreddits. The platform works by allowing reddit users to create a range of products like T-shirts, pins, and stickers through reddit and set a financial goal for the campaign. Other users can back the project by purchasing those items, but no money changes hands and no products are physically created until that goal is reached.

Where redditmade differs from other crowdfunding options is that reddit handles everything on their end including payment processing, item production, and shipping. This allows them to manage campaigns without giving any user information to the campaign creators. Any reddit user can create a campaign, but moderators of official subreddits will have additional perks like having their campaigns featured on redditmade and the potential for free advertising on their subreddits.

redditmade is now live and in an open beta.