Recovery Benefits For Underground Comics Legend S. Clay Wilson

The Comics Journal #293 - cover by S. Clay Wilson

Underground comics legend S. Clay Wilson, whose work has appeared in Zap Comix and Weirdo, had an accident on November 2nd resulting in a serious brain injury. To help raise money for his recovery a Jomo Jam Blues Benefit will take place this Sunday, December 28th at The Bistro in Hayward.

Jomo Jam Blues Benefit For S. Clay Wilson Sunday December 28th at The Bistro in Hayward

On November 2nd, legendary Underground cartoonist S. Clay Wilson of Zap Comix fame, creator of The Checkered Demon, suffered a serious brain injury. His recovery will be long and difficult, and he is currently too disoriented to return home to his normal life.

With expenses mounting, long-time friend and musician Dave Hodtwalker has rallied Wilson’s friends in the San Francisco Bay Area artistic community by organizing the Jomo Jam Blues Benefit for Sunday, December 28th at The Bistro in Hayward. In addition to The Dave Walker Band’s regular jam session featuring Hodtwalker, Kenny Gross, Andrew G., Vic and Whitt Vicena, and Roger Lind, special guest musicians will join in, including Underground cartoonist Mark (Cobalt 60) Bode. There will be food, free amplifier service coupons donated by Father’s Amp Repair, an art sale with Wilson’s comic books and other collectibles, and at the end of the evening a special raffle will be held. Prizes include: Wilson-signed posters donated by Hippy Comix, Inc., unique beverages donated by the Celebrator Beer News Magazine, a special S-type guitar created by Andrew G., paintings and drawings by Annette Hodtwalker, and more!

Come and celebrate the holidays by honoring S. Clay Wilson: a unique, original, and outrageous artist!

Where: The Bistro, 1001 B. St., Hayward CA (near the Hayward BART station)
When: Sunday, Dec. 28th., 2-8pm.

S. Clay Wilson’s work was recently featured on the cover of the November issue (#293) of The Comics Journal and 10 Speed Press published a career retrospective of his work “The Art of S. Clay Wilson” in 2006.

Here’s info on what happened to S. Clay Wilson:

S. Clay Wilson Suffers “Severe Brain Injury” (The Oregonian)

S. Clay Wilson Out of ICU (The Oregonian)

UPDATE 1: Two more benefits have been organized for S. Clay Wilson”

S. Clay Wilson Noise Benefit is taking place at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco on January 11th.

Another benefit is being planned at the Mojo Lounge in Fremont on January 24th.

UPDATE 2: A S. Clay Wilson Special Needs Trust has been been setup for donations to aid in his recovery

image via Fantagraphics Books