Determined Team of Archeologists Reconstruct the Face of a Soldier Who Died in Ancient Pompeii

Science Channel takes a look at a compassionate team of archeologists who were able to reconstruct the face of a soldier of Pompeii, who died when Mount Vesuvius erupted and engulfed in unbearable heat and suffocating ash. Created with high-resolution photography, x-rays, and computer modeling, the reconstruction offers a sense of their humanity to these citizens whose last moments were terrifying.

Team leader Llorenç Alapont spoke about the importance of this humanity:

We want to know the last moment of this person, if he suffered, or he was afraid, and all this we can see from his face. …When we see the face, we understand a lot of things immediately. The nose, the mouth was a people from the south of Italy or the north or Africa. You give the human aspect of this person, you will feel like you’re living the last moments of these people.