An Incredibly Realistic Long-Limbed Indoor Cat Tree

Robert Rogalski, a talented artist who enjoys hand crafting whimsical miniature items and characters, created a highly-realistic long-limbed indoor cat tree that was built onsite for a very appreciative kitty.

Rogalski mentions that pieces like this are incredibly labor-intensive, one-of-a kind and site-specific, but he is willing to entertain offers for a similar piece.

Because of the time, (The latest being 3 to 4weeks depends on drying time and so forth), and the labor involved in making something like this, I charge about $3500. to $4000. , this doesn’t include the cost for supplies, that is paid for by my client separately, the total amount is contingent on size, and extras added, material needs varying from job-to-job and time spent. Travel? Yes I do, but You would also need to be able to cover my travel costs, including a hotel room, if other arrangements can’t be made.

Here’s some of Rogalski’s amazing miniature work.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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