Pet Rat Plays a Short Tune on a Tiny Harmonica


It’s not the best song but at least he tried! ?? #ratsoftiktok #rat

? origineel geluid – ratscratch

A tiny pet rat named Mr. Blik played a tiny tune on a tiny harmonica that his human held in front of his tiny little mouth. His humans smeared a little honey across the top in order to get Mr. Bilk to play.

My boyfriend got the world’s tiniest harmonica from a close friend for his birthday. One day he got home from work and said we should try and let Mr. Blik play on it. With help of some sweet good honey, we created this song!

The song has since been released on Spotify.

Mr. Bilk also shared how this catchy track was made.


After some long hours or hard work.. Mr Blik is very happy now that his song is released on Spotify! ?? #ratsoftiktok #rat #harmonicarat

? The Best Song – Mr Blik