Man Borrows Raccoon to See If He’s Ready for a Kid

When his wife Chelsea told him she wanted kids, engineer William Osman did what most people do. He worried about the kind of dad he would be. He then borrowed a pet raccoon to see if he was ready for the responsibility of fatherhood. The little procyonine challenged Osman in different ways, interrupted his work day, and caused a bit of friction between himself and Chelsea. Despite these concerns, Osman found that he learned a valuable lesson.

Maybe being a parent isn’t about things going right but learning how to deal with things going wrong I doubt it was my parents planned for me to smear poop on the walls or flatten my nose when I face planted into the concrete floor but what do I know I’m just an idiot who rented a raccoon thinking it would behave like a child. But am I ready to have a kid.

Raccoon as Test Child

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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