R2-D2 USB Car Charger

The R2-D2 USB Car Charger is a handy little droid that fits into a vehicle’s cupholder and provides two USB ports for charging phones, tablets, and other gadgets. R2-D2’s eye lights up red or blue to indicate charging status, and the unit’s dome rotates along with its signature whistles and beeps. You can purchase your own helpful copilot online at ThinkGeek.

R2 units: is there anything those little guys can’t do? While we don’t yet have the technology in this quadrant of the galaxy for fully-automated repair droids like the R2 units from Star Wars, we can get a portion of the R2’s versatility into something small enough to sit in your vehicle’s cupholder.

You see, it makes R2-D2 whistle sadly when he sees a device that’s run out of power. Make him bloop and bleep happily again by letting him use your vehicle’s power to recharge your devices. With him plugged into your cigarette lighter socket, you can get 2.1 Amps through each of his USB charging ports, which is enough to charge two tablets or smartphones or, well, pretty much anything that charges via USB. What’s that, little guy? He says, “Bloop bloop bleep,” which we think means “Yay!”

R2D2 USB Car Charger

R2D2 USB Car Charger

video and images via ThinkGeek