Quilling Artist Creates Beloved Cartoon Characters Out of Tightly Rolled 3D Paper Spirals

Artist Manan Mistry of Artoholic creates wonderfully detailed replicas of beloved cartoon characters using tightly rolled 3D spirals made out of strips of colorful paper. In order to achieve this effect, Mistry uses a quiller – a tool that rolls and shapes strips of paper, which are then glued together to create designs. Mistry, who fell in love with quilling the first time he heard of it, not only sells the equipment through his online store but offers quilling tutorials on his YouTube channel and sells some of his work through his Etsy shop.

I found quilling in 2013. I remember in the 9th-grade summer vacation, my mom brought me some quilling strips from the market to keep me busy, and then I heard the word quilling for the very first time. …I decided to convert my hobby into a profession after completing my diploma….After a year of hard work, I started my own art gallery called ” Artoholic ” in 2018 in Vadodara, it’s really like one of my dreams come true. Now in 2021, my art gallery is running successfully I am a full-time quilling artist and run a part-time online Quilling store.

Here’s a compilation of Mistry’s work.