Qoobo, A Comforting Faceless Plush Robot Pillow That Wags Its Tail and Purrs Just Like a Cat

Lap Qoobo

The Qoobo by the Japanese company Yukai Engineering, is a wonderful plush pillow with a wagging tail and a buzzing purr inside, similar to that of a cat. The Qoobo, however, is completely without species. This faceless fuzzy creature is designed with strategically placed sensors that increasingly react with increased interaction. It’s the “tailed cushion that heals your heart”.

(translated) Qoobo (CUBO) is a cushion type therapy robot with a tail. When gently stroking, it fluffs, when you stroke a lot, it buzzes, and sometimes at a whim, it shakes the tail and responds. It is communication that does not need words to heal you, like an animal. Every day with healing begins with tail therapy.

qoobo chair

Qoobo Windowsill

Qoobo pillow

qoobo lap

via Nerdist