Frisky Goldendoodle Puppy and Playful Deer Gleefully Chase Each Other Around Snowy Ohio Backyard

A wonderfully energetic Goldendoodle puppy named Bella and a very playful deer gleefully chased each other around a snowy backyard in Ohio. According to Bella’s human James Kolar, the frisky puppy very much wanted to play with three deer who appeared earlier, but only one reciprocated after the other two had left. Bella had so much fun with her new friend that she waits in the window for the deer to return.

This is my 5-month-old Goldendoodle Bella in the Cleveland suburb of Mayfield Heights! She had been trying to get the three deer in my yard to play from 9 AM to 2 PM with no takers until two of them left the yard and this happened! Bella is full of energy and many times during this encounter I thought the deer was going to chase her into my house running me over in the process.