‘Pumpcast News’ Prank on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Featuring an Outgoing Couple Singing Karaoke at a Gas Station

Pumpcast News” is a sketch on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno featuring actor Tim Stack as a fake newscaster (Jack Rafferty) who takes a break from reading the day’s news to play around with unsuspecting patrons from a pump-mounted TV screen. The sketch was meant to prank customers, but when an outgoing couple in Burbank, California (Will and Monifa Sims) are interrupted from pumping gas and asked to sing karaoke, they quickly take Tim up on his offer. Without any hesitation at all, both Will and Monifa show their enthusiastic nature while rocking out to a Bon Jovi and Eurythmics song. Their total lack of embarrassment scored the two a free tank of gas and an invite from Jay Leno to come on his show and sing with the Tonight Show Band.

UPDATEThe Smoking Gun rases a few questions about Leno’s ‘Pumpcast News’ video.