How Prosthetic Contact Lenses That Change Eye Color, Shape and Size Are Made For Film and Television

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In an eye-opening video essay, video producer Ju Shardlow of Insider takes a look at the history of specialized prosthetic contact lenses that change eye color, shape and size for films and television. Sharlow also paid a visit to optometrist Sinead Sweeney to learn how these incredibly transformative, hand-painted lenses are made and even had a pair made for herself.

Since hydrogel contact lenses went into mass production in 1971, lenses with simple color pigments have become pretty accessible. But designing and painting bespoke lenses is still an art form. Our lenses were hand-painted by award-winning Cristina Patterson of Eye Ink FX in the US and manufactured by No7.

Sweeney who owns Eyeworks For Film, LTD has created lenses for a number of films and television shows including Spectre, Game of Thrones, Penny Dreadful, Good Omens, Peaky Blinders, Maleficent, and Les Miserables, just to name a few.

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