Surreal Short Film About Consumer Products Brought to Life Turning on Their Creators When They’re Discarded

The brilliantly surreal, timely and highly plausible short film “Product Wars” by H1 and Stephan Zlotescu, tells the story of the founder of Newgenics James Laver), who discovered how to bring consumer products to life through genetic engineering, allowing the products to literally sell themselves.

Unfortunately, as the man admits, the sponsoring humans didn’t take into account the fact that these products were actually alive and imprisoned, shackled, overworked them and completely ignored them when their services were no longer needed. When the time came to discard them, however the humans were faced with an angry mob of mistreated beings who shifted the balance of power quite rapidly and without regret.

Genetically engineered mascots become the latest craze in this all too possible future.

via Vimeo Staff Picks