‘Process Into Permanence’, Artist Joe Mangrum Is Raising Funds to Create a Giant Rug From Original Sand Design

New York City sand artist Joe Mangrum, about whose work we’ve written several times, is currently raising funds through Kickstarter for “Process Into Permanence,” a project in which he plans to create a giant rug with an original sand design, which will be cut into pieces as rewards to those who back the project.

“Process into Permanence” comes out of literally thousands of requests each year I receive to make things that people can hang on their walls, or somehow keep as a physical object. …I will make a massive painting using the technique I have developed fixing colored sand onto carpet. For those who choose, I will cut up the portions of this painting and reward sections of 3”x 3”, 6” x 6”, 9” x 9”, 12” x 12” and so on….. you can capture as large of a piece as you like of this painting or buy a larger complete stand alone work 48” x 48” or even larger to support my journey this winter. …By cutting up the “Magic Carpet” painting it acts as a unique metaphor. It brings a piece of the magic into your home and virtually connects you to other backers. Just as my temporary paintings disperse in the wind, this painting will disperse around the globe, but will continue to be a part of your life, something to reflect on and see new everyday.

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images via Kickstarter