An Incredible Portrait of Bill Murray Made Out of Tape

Danny Schieble Tapigami Bill Murray

Artist Danny Scheible, the creator of Tapigami, created an incredible portrait of legendary comedian and actor Bill Murray over the course of two hundred hours and used over a mile of vinyl tape. Scheible decided upon Murray as his subject because of his wide appeal and because “Who Doesn’t Love Bill Murray”?

This Portrait of Bill Murray is made completely out of Tape. It took two hundred hours and one mile of tape. The artist Danny Scheible, who created the art form TAPIGAMI, has spent every day during the last 14 years using Tape as a material. He has finally refined his process of rolling, folding and cutting Tape to the point of portraiture.

Danny Schieble Tapigami Bill Murray Closeup

Danny Schieble Tapigami Bill Murray Eye

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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