Portland’s Legendary 24 Hour Church of Elvis May Re-Open

The 24-Hour Church of Elvis

Stephanie G. Pierce, who ran Portland’s legendary 24 Hour Church of Elvis from 1985 through 2001, is currently looking at new venues in order to re-open her legendary church of the bizarre and 24 hour coin-operated art gallery. Steve Woodward recently wrote about Stephanie’s quest for a new home in The Oregonian. If you want to help in this church revival, consider ordering a t-shirt or other stuff from the online store.

Pierce created bizarre art, such as the Miracle of the Spinning Elvises, the World’s Cheapest Psychic and a portable art gallery banned from the Rose Festival Fun Center for failing to meet family-friendly standards. She conducted weddings legally and for laughs, lived in her storefront after dubbing it Biosphere 6000 and drove around in a motorized love seat.

24 Hour Church

The 24 Hour Church of Elvis was a wonderful place. The last time I was there was in 1996 during the Portland Santacon ’96 event when over a hundred Santas stopped by the church, which is one of the scenes in my pseudo-documentary of the event.

Thanks to Spacemonkey for the tip!

photo credit: CheeseFairy