Poof, A Satirical App Concept Featuring an App That Disappears After 24 Hours

“Poof uses shapes and colors to enhance functionality.”

Poof is a satirical app concept by Moonbase that features an app that disappears after 24 hours. Why would anyone be interested in such an app? It has both shapes and colors, and “people are talking about it” and it’s “endorsed by celebrities you’ve heard of.” The video also claims that an API even allows this functionality–the disappearing after 24 hours–to be extended to other apps.

Poof was created as a production experiment to test a variety of technical elements. We shot on the Sony F55 and worked with a few new collaborators to create this stylish promo. Poof is packaged as a satirical app concept, aimed to poke fun at the current superfluous app landscape.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

Rollin Bishop
Rollin Bishop