Pokémon Battle in Mixed Reality Through the Microsoft Hololens

Pokémon battle in mixed reality through the Microsoft Hololens in a project being developed by General Heed. The project is a work-in-progress being built with the Unity game engine and was inspired by Heed’s disappointment with the battles in Pokémon Go.

Really excited to finally be able to show this to everyone! This game was originally meant to be a test bed for the battle system in the YuGiOh For HoloLens game I’m also working on. But after playing the Pokémon Go game that was released recently, I was a little underwhelmed by the battles in that game. So I figured the battle test bed for the YuGiOh game would be the perfect base for this particular game. I’m really excited to be working on both of these fun projects. Make sure to follow us for the latest updates on this project! We can’t wait to make this a full reality!

Developer Kenny W has also experimented with Pokémon models using the Hololens.

via Prosthetic Knowledge

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