Kitten With Who Fell in Love With Cat Plushie Gets a Real Feline Sister to Love

A sweet little Maine Coon kitten named Theo, who was adopted during COVID, fell in love with a tuxedo cat plushie, so much that it seemed that Theo was making the plushie a part of his family.

The stuffed animals was actually my mom’s idea and my mom gave me a little bag of like three stuffed cats and was like it’ll be like he’s in a litter. And I was like that’s ridiculous. My mom was right. It was like his exact size, so he mostly wrestled with it. He would even try to pick it up and like carry it with him. Then as he got bigger, he would cuddle with it more.

A couple of years later, Theo’s human Alyssa adopted another cat, a female named Zelda, whom Theo took immediately.

I always felt horrible seeing how happy he got with his stuffed animal and that he didn’t have another cat.  I went to to the Austin Animal Center. …He was so fascinated by her. …and then very quickly they were already fine with each other and then one morning they were in the same bed and he was like already cuddled up with her and he was like treating her in place of said stuffed cat.