Guitarist Dramatically Challenges Himself to Play Every One of His 37 Guitar Pedals at the Same Time

The talented musician Steve Onotera aka samuraiguitarist created a somewhat dramatic short film told in the first person, about his overwhelming number of guitar pedals (stomp boxes) and what would happen if he played them all at the same time. After a few false starts and several rearrangements, the electronic daisy chain finally worked over and again at different levels. Onotero was successful in his quest.

There I sat with 37 guitar pedals. Why, I asked myself looking at all these stompboxes, why do I need all of these? So many of them were rarely used others sounded exactly the same as another and then it hit me I should play them all at the same time. It wasn’t going to be an easy task for the noblest of quests often aren’t. This was going to take cables to connect them, it was going to take electricity. A plethora of power supplies and a bunch of batteries would do the trick. And it was going to take time lots and lots of time. 24 minutes to be exact