Planet Unknown, An Animated Short About Two Space Rovers Searching for a Habitable Planet

Shanghai, China motion designer and director Shawn Wang has created Planet Unknown, a cute 3D animated short film about two space rovers (Rover Razor and Rover Junkman) who were sent out into space by humans to search for planets with enough resources to sustain life. The robotic duo worked together to stay in one piece as they discover a planet riddled with unknown chaos.

The idea started back in 2014 when Interstellar was released. I was deeply impressed by the movie and was inspired by the two robots TARS and CASE. The idea of intellectual robots exploring space developed from there. Other inspirations include Pixar movies like WALL-E and Toy Story, as well as CHAPPiE, NASA documentaries about Mars Rover Curiosity, and short films by individuals like Alex Roman’s The Third & The Seventh, Richard Mans’ Abiogenesis, Erik Wernquist’s Wanderers, Alf Lovvold’s Dawn of the Stuff, and so many more.

Echoic Audio, one of the UK’s leading music & sound design studios, joined this adventure with epic cinematic score and detailed sound design which catapulted the film to a new level that I had never imagined.

via Short of the Week

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