Pizzabon, A New Mini Pizza Offering by Cinnabon Bakery Chain


Atlanta-based Cinnabon bakery chain, known for their sticky sweet cinnamon rolls (‘cinnabons’), have created a new product called the Pizzabon. According to AJC, the Pizzabon, a mini pizza-like roll, comes out of their Cumberland Mall Cinnabon bakery-cafe (a ‘test kitchen’) in Atlanta, Georgia and is not yet available outside of that area. The good news (for those far away) is that Todd Brock of Serious Eats’ Slice lives near that mall and went to taste test it.

…This made the Pizzabon pretty greasy, but overall, it actually wasn’t terrible. It’s very doughy-exponentially doughier than even your deepest deep-dish pie. It reminded me of those homemade pizza treats that Mom cobbled together with a tube of refrigerated dough and a jar of sauce when you had a sleepover. All of the ingredients were there, but with a disproportionate amount of dough. It’s a pizza-flavored wad of dough. Soft, tasty, familiar, dense dough… just a whole lot of it…


photo by Todd Brock via Slice

Read Brock’s full story on Slice.

via Eater and AJC