Pixel States, A T-Shirt Design Series Featuring Pixelated US States

Pixelated Ohio State Shirt by Pixelivery

Pixel States by the design / development collective and t-shirt shop Pixelivery (who also runs United Pixelworkers) is a series of t-shirt designs that each display pixelated outlines of various states found in United States of America. States found in this post, plus many more, are available to purchase from the online Pixelivery store.

Pixelated California Shirt by Pixelivery

Pixelated New York State Shirt by Pixelivery

Pixelated Florida Shirt by Pixelivery

Pixelated Texas State Shirt by Pixelivery

Pixelated United States of America Shirt by Pixelivery

images via Pixelivery

via swissmiss

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