Devoted Pit Bull Mama Teaches a Baby Raccoon How to Survive in the Wild

A beautiful and devoted pit bull mama named Ashlyn took over the daily care of a baby raccoon named Eto and taught him the skills he needs to survive in the wild. The pair met after an orphaned Eto was rescued from his hiding place inside a car wheel. He was brought to The House of Oakley where he was introduced to Ashlyn. Eto immediately looked to the dog to be his mother, and even though Ashlyn took a bit more time to warm up to the idea, she agreed.

You’ll never find a mother more attentive than Ashlyn. …I’m always blown away with her large love for the innocent.

After that fateful day, the pair had been inseparable. Ashlyn and her humans taught Eto how to fish, swim, and generally act like a raccoon in the wild. Their relationship eventually evolved into friendship as Eto learned more and more.

Their relationship blossom from the mom son role. they’re best friends now. They were jumping on each other and chasing each other and nipping at each other and they were just having a blast. The minute she’s not in mom mode she’s spun.

When Eto left home to try it on his own, he was only gone for three weeks. He came back to Ashlyn and stayed for a while. It made his leaving again easier for her. Now Eto is free to come and go as he pleases.

We have an open door policy you can come and go as you want. Eventually got to the point where he was gone for three weeks he came back for a couple of months and because of that Ashlyn didn’t struggle with his leaving, she was just like ‘he’s grown up i gotta let him fly’.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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