Timid Pit Bull Is Afraid of Cat Waiting at Top of the Stairs


True Concern ???? #DangerClose ?? His Eyes! ???? He Knows The Kitty’s true power ?? We ALL Do ?? HILARIOUS!! ?? Burleson’s Prince Kuhio #TexLibby loved and spoiled by the good ppl @HanaiKennels ?? ?? We Don’t Find Homes for new Dogs…We Match Perfect Homes for Perfect Pups ? www.Burlesonbullies.com ?? #BurlesonBullies #GotTex #FckSloppy

? original sound – Burleson Bullies, llc

An adorable but very timid American pit bull named Prince Kuhio of Burleson Bullies was afraid to climb the stairs at Hanai Kennels because a scary cat was waiting for him at the very top. Despite his human’s encouragement, Prince was not going any further.

His Eyes!… He Knows The Kitty’s true power

Prince Is Normally a Very Confident and Laid Back Dog

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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