Missouri Coffee House Serves an Oddly Tantalizing Ice Cream Split That Uses Pickles In Place of Bananas

The Pine Mountain Country Coffee House in Desoto, Missouri has created a unique dessert known a the “Pickle Split”, an oddly tantalizing ice cream dish that uses dill pickles in the place of the more usual banana. The umami of the pickle brine combined with the sweetness of the ice cream create a mouthwatering sweet and sour experience.

Shop owner Deanna Farrar told Fox 2 St. Louis that she had posted a picture of this unique recipe she made in her teens, but hadn’t thought it would become so popular for so long.

It was just something fun and it looked pretty. I took a picture of it on the counter and within five minutes it started getting shares and my phone was lighting up.Then a couple of places called us and did interviews and we thought, that’s it, it’ll go away. It didn’t go away.

via Weird Universe