Jaunty PIano Accompaniment to Jack Black’s Giddy Reaction to Reaching 1 Million Subscribers on YouTube

Musician FinnMK very cleverly performed a jaunty piano accompaniment to Jack Black’s giddy announcement that his new video channel, Jablinksi Games, had hit 1 million subscribers in two short weeks.

I am so fully on board the ‘Jack Black is on Youtube’ train.

Here’s the original (vertical) video announcing the subscriber count.

And here’s the Jablinski Games debut video, which make very clear who’s in charge (Jack’s son Sam).

All of the videos on the Jablinski channel are shot, directed, and edited by his very talented son Sam. Or as his father says “… there is no production behind this. this is all my son. He’s holding me hostage and I can’t be traced. help…?