Perfect Holiday, A Fun Toy-Filled Stop-Motion Animated Surf Film

Perfect Holiday

Perfect Holiday is a fun toy-filled stop-motion film by French animator and artist Karim Rejeb about going to the beach and surfing. The film is a sequel to Rejeb’s first film LINO and is all set to music by SMILE. In 2010, Surfbang interviewed Rejeb about his process and inspiration.

SB: What were the hardest parts?

KR: The hardest part was for my little family. My girlfriend has to endure that I’m a big kid and sneak my son’s toys. Other ways, climbing up the dune, giving the lego a five millimeters push, running down, taking a photo, climbing up again, giving it a five mil push, running down, shooting it, climb… To get my fifteen shots per second, it’s a lot of up-and-down and at the end of the day it’s a lot of work because I mostly work alone.