A Documentary About Compassionate People Who Risk Their Lives to Rescue Animals After a Hurricane

“Hurricane Heroes” by filmmaker Shawn Bannon is an incredibly touching short documentary about the wonderfully compassionate and fiercely brave people who rescue animals after a natural disaster hits. Bannon’s film focuses on Hurricane Florence in 2018. When the storm hit, a number of farms were flooded and the resident animals were left to fight for their lives.

Hurricane Heroes is a documentary showing the great lengths humans will go to save animals during times of peril.

Despite the toxicity of the water from these sunken farms and flooded pig lagoons, volunteers from organizations such as Mercy For Animals, We Animals, The Sentient Project, Skylands Sanctuary, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue , Ziggy’s Refuge Farm Sanctuary, and Waterkeeper Alliance got into boats and began looking for and rescuing surviving animals. After medical needs are tended to, in most cases, the animals find a home where they can live out the lives they deserve to have. Kristin Hartness of Ziggy’s Refuge plainly stated that all animals just want to live.

They have a will to live unlike anything we’ve ever seen. There are so many animals out here that the vets will tell you the exact same thing, they don’t want to die. They want to live and they want to love and they want to be loved and that’s all they want.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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