People of Varying Ages Offer Sage Advice to Younger Counterparts in the CBC ‘Wiretap’ Farewell Video

In “How to Age Gracefully“, the farewell video from the CBC Radio series “Wiretap“, people of all ages offer words of wisdom to their younger counterparts in the form of a verbal letter, daisy-chaining the advice from age 7 on up to age 93.

Dear 91-year old, don’t listen to other people’s advice. Nobody knows what the hell they’re doing. Signed, a 93-year old.

The show is signing off for good after 11 years on the air. Host Jonathan Goldstein wrote a fond farewell to the show.

This is a hard, sad thing to announce, but WireTap is coming to an end.

The reasons for this are many, but the simplest way to put it is that 11 years is a long time to do something and it felt like time to try something new. The show has run longer than Seinfeld and All in the Family. It’s run longer than I, or anyone, could have ever imagined. …all of us at WireTap want to stay in touch. We’re going to keep our Facebook page going so you guys have a place to hang out and talk about shows, to talk about life. We’re going to pop in, too, to let you know about new projects— and there are some exciting ones in store. And just to say hi.

In the mean time, we have something for you. A while ago, we did a radio story that seemed to have stuck with people. We decided to invite listeners down to the CBC and make it into a video. It’s all about growing up and how that process never ends.

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