Penny Arcade Launches Kickstarter Project To Remove Advertising

Penny Arcade is looking to convert their current website to a completely ad free and service rich version, just like the good old days. They have introduced a Kickstarter fundraising campaign, including great backer rewards and unlocks.

Would scouring ads from Penny Arcade, with everything that entails, be something you’d be willing to reach into your pocket for? The more we considered it, the more we agreed it might just be. Not only would you no longer have to look at advertising when browsing Penny Arcade, but not having ads would create a chain reaction that would lead to a bunch of other interesting stuff.

$250k Goal vs $525k goal Reached

Visualization of the Penny Arcade website with a $250k goal reached (Left) and $525k goal reached (Right).

One of the things that excited us most about the idea of trying an ad-free model was the amount of time it would give us to actually make comics.

Penny Arcade Kickstarter Stretch Goals

A compiled a list of Stretch Goals that will unlock and restore great Penny Arcade features and services from the past.

Currently, we do all kinds of creative services projects that are part of the existing model, but in their absence, that’s all time we can put to work for you. We have a ton of weird settings, and ideas for more, that are simply not possible with the schedule the current system imposes.

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