Penguins at Newquay Zoo Happily Chase Bubbles From a Donated Bubble Machine While Zoo is Closed

While the Newquay Zoo in Cornwall, England was closed to the public, the resident penguins were left without the stimulation of visitors that they looked forward to on a daily basis. In order to help combat the isolation, Little Surprises gifting group donated a bubble machine that the zoo had put on their Enrichment Wish List on Amazon. The constant motion of the bubbles gave the penguins a sense of purpose and added enrichment to their days.

The birds are usually kept occupied by feeding shows and guests visiting the zoo, but due to coronavirus, their daily routine was forced to change. Staff at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall were trying to find a way to keep them entertained, and then someone kindly donated a bubble machine. …We wish to say thank you to the Little Surprises gifting group, who kindly purchased a bubble machine for us from our Amazon Wishlist.

via Neatorama