‘PBS Game/Show’ Examines the Rules and History Behind the Current Version of ‘Monopoly’

PBS Game/Show host Jamin Warren examines the rules and history behind the current version of Monopoly in a recent episode of the series. As Warren notes, the original game looks vastly different from its current incarnation, and it’s somewhat ironically thanks to capitalism that a number of folks find the board game so boring.

We all know the Monopoly rules right? You roll dice, move your piece, buy property, and… five hours later we’re tired and bored and HATE MONOPOLY in general. Why? Because MONOPOLY IS TERRIBLE, right? Well, actually maybe not. The Monopoly game we think we’re playing is actually something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the one we actually play. Whether this is Monopoly online, the Monopoly board game, or even CAT MONOPOLY, we approach the game almost completely wrong. But why? WHY?!