Rescued Parrot Adopts Trio of Abandoned Kittens

While walking through a Brazilian forest in or around 2008, farmer Josemar Milli and his family came across two orphaned baby parrots. They took the baby birds home, raised them, and released them back into the wild. One flew away, but the other, whom they named Louro, remained close to the family.

Milli’s curiosity was piqued after Louro started spending time away at a hollow fence post at the edge of their property. Milli looked inside the post and found three tiny kittens that Louro had adopted as her own.

Milli took the kittens inside his home and tried to get the neighbor’s cat to take over. Unfortunately, no interest was shown. According to The Dodo, Milli suspected that the kittens belonged to that cat.

Milli suspects that a neighbor’s cat had given birth within Louro’s part-time nesting spot, but had then abandoned them. Without Louro’s affection, and her ability to get Milli’s attention, the kittens might never have been discovered in time.

Milli’s cat, however, was happy to help.

After that, the family took over while Louro kept constant watch over her babies.

via The Dodo

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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