‘Paging Mr. Herman’, An Art Show Tribute to Pee-wee Herman at the NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles

X-Ray Spex  by Regina Morales
X-Ray Spex by Regina Morales

Paging Mr. Herman is an upcoming group art show, curated by Erika Paget, at the NerdMelt Showroom at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles featuring artwork influenced by the childlike loner and rebel pop icon Pee-wee Herman. The show will open on Saturday, July 9th, 2014 from 7 to 10 PM PDT and be on display until Friday, July 25th. Interested parties can RSVP for the event online.

Let the fun begin! Join us as we pay tribute to the man behind the iconic red bow tie. Experience artwork inspired by the decade-spanning career of Pee-Wee Herman from over 70 artists. Join us on at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown Comics from 7 to 10pm. Come partake in free beverages and a very cool photo booth! Just don’t forget the secret word or the Alamo!

Here is a list of the featured artists:

Kevin Suhko Lee, Penelope Gazin, Kelsy Abbott , Willy Roberts, Nico Colaleo, Emily Brundige, Sara Pocock, Danielle Kramer, Austin Salmi, Dylan Chudzynski, Elyse Chudzynski, Julia Prescott, Tony Christopherson, Jess Lane, Lucy Mirando, Eric Bauza, Sara Radovanovitch, Valerie Keiser, Maggie Drew Brennan, Jason Whetzell, Jeremy Wojchihosky, Spencer John Olson, Starline Hodge, Frank Machhia , Whitney Avalon, Kevyn Schmidt, Jenny Fine, Andrew Taylor Jennings, Jessica Hendrickson, Regina Morales, Tully Mills, Madison Queen, Michael Thomas Grant , Molly JohnsonKate Dwyer, John McGuire Olsen, Jessica DeWinter, Joanna Leitch, Michael Johnson, Shadi Petosky, Kimber Hall, Alex Carillo, Lisa Wakiyama , Jessica Wills, Kassandra Heller, Lindsay Davis, Jeremy Arambulo, Charlotte Jackson, Erica Jones, Ryan Matias, Kat Ketchum, Amanda Li, Mari De Monte, Caitie Delaney, Krocky Meshkin, Hallie Wilson, Ana Ramirez, Tiffany Ford, Arica Tuesday, David C. Smith, Rachel Adams, zero., Colin Howard, Trevor Jones, Sasha Schotzko-Harris, Ilyse Kullman, Chris Korn, James Gibson, Lisa Shields, Chad Fogland, Aurora Gordon, Sam Randazzo, Sara Radovanitch, Zoë Moss, Tony Kuoch, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Daisy Faith, Josh Cheney, Art Fuentes, Nicole Daddona, and more!

Still Life by Ilyse Kullman
Still Life by Ilyse Kullman

What? by Emily Brundige
What? by Emily Brundige

Paging Mr. Herman

images via Erika Marie and credited artists

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips