A Traditional Hand-Knitted Icelandic Lopapeysa Sweater With a Pac-Man Pattern Circling the Yoke

Doc Pop Pac Man Peysa

In 2017, Doctor Popular (previously) and partner Christine Clarke created a very traditional Icelandic Lopapeysa (or Peysa) with a wonderful Pac-Man pattern circling the yoke.

Clarke had told Doc Pop that she would knit a peysa for his birthday if he designed the pattern. The result of this collaboration is a fabulous Pac-Man Peysa.

Christine offered to knit an Icelandic style sweater of my own design for my birthday. She had already made a few of these sweaters, also known as lopapeysas, before and said that if I designed something, she’d knit it. …Since I’ve never knit before, I made a couple of rookie mistakes in my design that Christine ended up editing to make it work better as a sweater.

Iceland 2017
Doc Pop Pac-Man Peysa

Pac-Man Sweater Pattern

Pac-Man Peysa Sleeve

Pac-Man Peysa Sleeve

photos via Doctor Popular and Christine Clarke

via Jason Scott

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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