Outrage Box Monthly, A Handy Service That Replaces Items Broken in a Blind Rage Over Current Events

Canadian Stewart Reynolds, aka Brittlestar (previously), has amusingly proposed an idea for Outrage Box Monthly, a rather handy subscription service that replaces items broken from the ceaseless blind rage that engulfs so many of us after catching up on current world events.

Has some idiot or world leader tweeted something that fills you with rage? Are you tired of breaking your stuff? Then you need outraged box monthly. …Every day brings a new outrage; rampant racism, mad misogyny. Basic human decency is at an all-time low, but that doesn’t mean you need to suffer any more than necessary…every month we’ll deliver replacements for all the stuff you busted in a blind rage. That’s right phones, dishes, clothing – whatever you broke right before breaking down in tears will be replaced.

While this service doesn’t actually exist, it sounds like a good idea that may just be the next unicorn.